Drones are proving to be real game-changers for a security industry unprepared for air space intrusions. Now more than ever, security needs to become three-dimensional!

Founded in response to numerous reports of malevolent drone activity, CerbAir, a French defence and security company, aims to protect all sensitive sites from civilian drone intrusions. Strongly convinced that airspace security should be a concern shared by all, their customizable solutions are the most cost-effective on the market thanks to a tool-box approach. Through their state-of-the-art radio frequency and optical sensor technology, CerbAir anti-drone solutions are able to detect, characterize and neutralize all drone threats in real-time with a near perfect detection rate.

The solutions offer real-time alerts through an easy-to-use user interface. With a detection range beyond 2km and efficient situational awareness, a drone can be detected before it has even left the ground.

Once the drone threat has been characterized, appropriate counter-measures can be deployed to neutralize the drone with passive and non-passive actions, for example, forcing the drone to land, return to its starting point with advanced jamming or hacking technology or evacuate the zone.

The four main drone threats linked to sensitive sites include: Espionage, Contraband Smuggling, Attack or Collision.

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