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Automechanika – the beating heart of the IAM

If you are a player on Automotive Independent Aftermarket, Automechanika is the place to be for you in September 2016. It took over 30 years to establish Automechanika Frankfurt as the most important trade event in auto parts production and distribution sector. The beginning of Automechanika were in fact quite modest: in 1971 German vehicle…

Dawn of new era in PRC’s e-commerce?

China’s e-commerce market is going to explode from 12,8 to about 30% share in nation’s total consumption. Are you going to join the fray? Even with a bit unclear situation with the Chinese Authorites implementing new e-commerce law on 8th of April and then postponing it, we are still talking about one of the fastest…

In before personal changes in PRC leadership?

At Beidahe – a sea resort in Hebei province close to Beijing – China’s Top Leaders meet for summer conference as it is PRC’s tradition since 1950’s. Here’s a sneak-peak what’s on this year’s meeting agenda. President Xi Jinping has a little over a year of his mid-term in the office left. But before it…

The Great Leap Forward in Chinese Health Services

“eHealth” represents a promising market for those able to take advantage of business opportunities. In today’s China the medical system remains under the control of the government although the word “system” is stretched a bit here. Indeed there’s no central database and patient’s files are not shared between hospitals. In China 90% of the medical…

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