Lan Tian Consulting proposes to its clients a large scope of professional services in China, Europe, Africa and Latin America to facilitate their market entry success.

Lan Tian Consulting’s offer consists in post-merger integration services, product launching via the LTC Brand Lab™ and recruitment services.

Example 1: the PMI of an IoT integrator in Eastern Europe

Our Client, a Western European IoT player, has acquired an Eastern European integrator operating in 3 countries. The Client’s goal was to integrate its new subsidiary and generate synergies in operations.

Lan Tian Consulting has supported its Client in the integration processes of the new subsidiary back-offices and the realization of synergies.

Example 2: the LTC Brand Lab

Lan Tian Consulting has developed its brand laboratory in partnership with some Chinese social network players to test the interest of Chinese consumers for new Western brands. Following these tests, Lan Tian Consulting searches partners for wholesale, retail and/or online distribution.

Lan Tian Consulting is operating as official commercial agent of several premium brands in Greater China.

Lan Tian Consulting makes business happen worldwide.

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