Art de Vivre Shanghai 2016 – new cultural revolution

Last month the city of Shanghai was a witness of an exceptional exhibition devoted to the French art of living characterized by a taste of luxury and perfection, distinction and elegance, tradition and modernity. This exhibition was more than a symbol of the unique position of French art de vivre in China; it also says a lot about the evolution of the Chinese taste towards the finest luxury goods and unique handcraft pieces.


The venue choosen for the event was no less symbolically significant. The Sinan Mansions used to be placed at the heart of French Concession in Shanghai – an European-styled settlement carefully arranged by the French back in 19th century on the basis on one of unequal treaties between China and European powers of the age. But during Art de Vivre exhibition held at the end of October 2016 there was no trace of unequality left – today’s Chinese upper class members are shown proper respect as welcomed customers by the French luxury good companies.

Art de Vivre Shanghai 2016 turned out to be a well-organized event by Business France in partnerships with Living Heritage Company and Francéclat Comitee. Before Shanghai it has been held with great success in the most exclusive locations in cities like Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Istanbul, Los Angeles, New York, New Delhi and Riyad. With prestigious participants like Baccarat, Haviland, Cristal Benito, Christofle, Renaissance, Bernardaud, Pouenat, Volevatch or THG, Art de Vivre à la Française is demonstrating the French know-how for high-end and luxury from decoration through tablewear and lighting to even watches.

The event vibrated well with present character of the Sinan Mansions. Today Sinan Mansions are grouped into four functional precincts – hotel, commercial, residential and office, after a restoration on the base of its old look. Combining oriental charm with occidental glamour, Sinan has developed into a hub of high society where dignitaries, entrepreneurs, professionals and artists frequent and live. Even some Chinese celebrities such as the movie star Chen Li and Chinese officials under the auspices of His Excellency Ambassador of France Maurice Gourdault-Montagne have fully appreciated the talent and creativity of French brands.

4-2-the-chinese-iconic-movie-star-li-chen-and-franck-benito-the-french-master-in-crystal-cutting-admiring-the-exceptional-caviar-bar-masterpiece-of-the-shanghai-exhibition The Chinese iconic movie star Li Chen and Franck Bénito, the French master in crystal cutting, admiring the exceptional caviar bar masterpiece of the Shanghai exhibition

4-3-a-table-set-with-renaissance-haute-couture-table-linen-christofle-and-bernardaud-table-and-ornamental-ware A table set with Renaissance haute couture table linen, Christofle and Bernardaud table and ornamental ware